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With growing consumer and government pressure to reduce waste, more and more companies are embracing strategies to decarbonize their supply chains entirely - within the decade.

A recent survey by @Gartner revealed that 70% of supply chain leaders are planning to invest in circularity. If your company has set a target to send zero waste to landfill or achieve sustainability across the entire supply chain, then your suppliers are key.

And technology will play a critical role.

43% of survey respondents are already investing or intend investing in technology planning solutions (43%) – which is where givvable sits, as a tool that helps businesses find and track suppliers that advance their sustainability goals.

Transitioning to a circular model is complex.

As @Gartner points out it “creates an ecosystem of materials … [which are] complex and include many interdependencies and feedback loops.”

Sustainability & procurement managers need to start thinking about this now. In such a complex environment, it will require digital tools and strategies which link a company’s supply chain to their circularity goals.

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