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Did you know that we are getting closer to the international day of HAPPINESS?

—20th of March—

After asking ourselves how we can celebrate this day indoors, everything leads to one sweet answer: chocolate!

Blending happiness and chocolate is HEY TIGER, a socially committed enterprise charged with satisfying peoples’ taste buds while supporting an ethical production process along the way.

Many of us may not be aware that the cocoa industry employs more than 2 million children on cocoa plantations, and that the average cocoa farmer earns only $0.73 cents a day.

Hey Tiger works specifically to avoid modern slavery in its business operations, and has strict rules around the sustainable sourcing of different elements within its production process.

Its three step filter includes:

1. Ensuring that child labour is not part of the supply chain
2. Obtaining cocoa from sustainable sources
3. Selecting suppliers that apply CSR practices in favour of cocoa-producing communities

Socially Committed, Globally:

Almost two thirds of global cocoa production occurs in West Africa, so Hey Tiger supports the industry right at the epicentre by partnering with The Hunger Project. They donate a portion of their profits from each chocolate bar sold to support local cocoa farming communities.

This partnership also enables Hey Tiger to ensure additional due diligence is conducted on its potential partners.

What is The Hunger Project?

The Hunger Project is an organisation committed to ending world hunger through sustainable, grass roots and women-centric strategies. Their programs help rural communities achieve positive progress in areas such as health, education, nutrition and family income.

Hey Tiger’s mission is to produce the best chocolate, made ethically, sustainably, and helping those in need.

What is your social mission?

givvable is an online platform that helps corporate customers find and source social and sustainable suppliers.


If you are a business with a social, environmental or sustainable purpose looking to develop relationships with the corporate community, get in touch with us today!

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