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    Give your business the tools it needs to self-service on sustainability. We help companies spend in line with their targets, every time.

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    Progressive companies, governments and consultancies 

    data for sustainability and ESG reporting and metrics

    Sustainability, Responsible Business & Corporate Social Responsibility

    Responsible for reporting impact

    Uncover the impact of your suppliers. Capture the sustainability attributes of suppliers mapped to widely-used ESG reporting frameworks, such as the SDGs, GRI, SASB and TCFD. Report on 100s and 1,000s suppliers and discover engaging stories to share with your stakeholders.
    sustainable procurement now core to organisational strategy

    Sustainable & Social Procurement

    Operationalise procurement policies

    Develop and operationalise your sustainable and social procurement strategies. Keep up-to-date on supplier sustainability credentials and grow your pool of suppliers aligned to internal sustainability targets and KPIs. Educate and encourage action by suppliers on emerging buyer requirements. 
    collaborate using data to drive sustainable decision making

    Business Management, Marketing & Events 

    Embed a culture of sustainability

    Engage your workforce by empowering them to make sustainable purchasing decisions. Give employees a self-service tool, tag existing suppliers to ease on-boarding and uncover new suppliers to establish carbon neutral, zero waste, diverse & inclusive and ethical workplaces and events.
    ESG data for investment and fund managers

    Sustainable Finance & Transactional Due Diligence

    Sustainability metrics for financing and M&A transactions

    Drive sustainability and social practices by embedding metrics into financing arrangements and investment criteria that can easily and objectively be reported each period. De-risk transactions by capturing data on the sustainability and ESG attributes of suppliers in due diligence.
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    Every business in any industry can improve their sustainability 

    ESG data for banking and financial professionals

    Banking & finance

    ESG data for property industry

    Property & construction

    ESG data for mining companies

    Resources & utilities

    ESG data for manufacturers


    ESG data for food businesses

    Food & beverage

    ESG data for retailers

    Consumer & retail

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