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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


With the reality of climate change weighing heavily on our minds, many of us have realised the importance of making changes to our lifestyle to reduce or minimise the negative impact that it has on the environment.

Many may already sound familiar: ride a bicycle, use a keep cup, recycle, shop with a canvas bag, compost at home, upcycle clothes, go vegetarian.

We should be proud of these efforts and continue to implement them, but many of us want to do more and don't know what we should do.

So, what else can we do?

Lucky for us, the dynamic duo at trace have come up with an easy way to offset the entirety of our carbon footprint, both as individuals and employees.


trace is a startup co-founded by friends Cat and Jo, who believe that technology can be used to create a greener future. They’ve come up with an easy way for individuals and companies to achieve their sustainability and positive environmental goals by enabling them to offset their personal and professional carbon emissions.

Specifically for companies, trace goes one step further than what is currently available on the market by offsetting the carbon emissions generated by their employees, and not just their operations 🙌

Every staff member gets a personal impact page so that they can track and share their impact. When employees can identify their impact, they are more connected to the cause and motivated to change behavior.


Through subscriptions at the individual or company level, trace can fund entire projects that generate renewable energy, provide employment and invest in mechanisms that are carbon positive.

For each tonne of carbon dioxide subscribers offset, trace purchases a carbon credit. The price of credits vary depending on the project, so they handpick the most efficient and effective projects that reduce CO2 pollution, based on carefully curated criteria.

Trace Carbon Offsetting criteria

Trace criteria for its carbon offset projects. Read about these criterion here

Projects range from biodiversity protection, geothermal energy, social development and tree planting. For example, the Myamyn Lowland Forest Conservation project, protects and rehabilitates the natural habitat of Australia’s vulnerable wildlife.

myamym conservation project - Trace

The Myamyn Lowland Forest Conservation project

By choosing to offset with trace, on top of having a positive environmental impact, businesses are also contributing to social responsibility. Tree planting projects provide income to families in that community, and renewable energy projects build vital infrastructure in developing countries. It’s a double win for sustainability and social impact.

Furthermore, projects funded by trace deliver measurable benefits aligned to the principles of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

All carbon offsetting projects trace funds are verified by Gold Standard. This a firm established in 2003 by WWF and other International NGO’s that ensures projects that reduce carbon emissions by:

  1. Featuring the highest levels of environmental integrity.
  2. Contributing to sustainable development in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Projects are sourced from SouthPole, a team of seasoned experts in climate change and renewable energy, and Eden Projects, a registered non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration.


trace makes it easy for businesses to do the right thing. They have 3 different subscription plans, and from the price of a coffee per week per employee you can offset the carbon footprint of every member of staff. trace can also match companies with projects that resonate specifically with their sustainability mission and employee preferences.

As an example of what you can achieve, a team of 50 can offset 1,050 tonnes of carbon - that’s equivalent to taking 228 cars off the road every year – and plant 6,000 trees – that’s your own corporate forest!

trace can also help with internal climate action campaigns to engage staff in the environmental policies of your company.

Cat & Jo - Trace

Get in touch with Cat & Jo via their website:

When you use the services provided by trace, you are able to contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal #6 Clean water and sanitation, Goal #7 Affordable and clean energy, Goal #11 Sustainable cities and communities and Goal #13, Climate action.

If you are a sustainable, social or inclusive supplier ready to expand your business opportunities by connecting to the corporate sector, we can help improve this experience for you.


givvable is the go-to tech platform for companies looking to source sustainably, socially and with impact. We believe that by tracking corporate and sustainable spending, we encourage more of it.

We know it can be incredibly difficult to access these types of customers. Believe it or not, they find it just as hard to find suppliers like you. We bridge this gap by profiling your impact to companies looking to make an impact.

It is free for suppliers to register. Join our network with the button below, so companies around the globe can easily find you and understand the impact you bring to their organisation.

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