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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


Did you know you can help solve global inequality and poverty by being social? Sounds impossible, right?

Well, Humanitix—a not-for-profit ticketing platform—makes this possible by donating 100% of booking fees to education projects. They demonstrate how the power of technology can be harnessed for good and create meaningful social impact.

Be social. Do good.

Humanitix is backed by tech giants Google and Atlassian and aims to close the global education gap by redirecting 100% of booking fee profits to education projects in Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

Humanitix is regarded as a disruptor to the highly competitive online ticketing industry. They transform widely controversial booking fees into a powerful tool for social impact, and help tackle some of the biggest issues in the world. The couple of dollars that are added to your ticket for the next conference, show or festival become a sustainable source of funding for its partner charities that are dedicated to solving inequality through the power of education.

Humanitix closing the education gap

Humanitix is dedicated to providing the best software and service to event organisers, to enhance their event management experience. Clients are invited to trial Humanitix’s intuitive and sophisticated platform, which is supported by their excellent human-centric design and client support. Event organisers using Humanitix love that it doesn’t cost them extra to be able to use their event to make positive impact, and it gives another reason for their guests to get excited about the event.

Every ticket sold through Humanitix counts. For instance, a single football match funded two years of education for disadvantaged girls. A party at a bar on New Year’s Eve funded a scholarship for an Indigenous student.

Humanitix and students

Social Commitment:

When it comes to the on-the-ground operations of delivering education programs, Humanitix defers to the expertise of leading charities in this space. This includes:

  • Indigenous scholarships delivered by Yalari, to ensure students in remote or rural areas of Australia have access to vital education;
  • The Girls’ Education Program run by Room to Read, an international charity that has been doing amazing work in the education space in developing countries for decades; and
  • Educational Equity for Māori, Pasifika and disadvantaged learners, through a partnership with the Manaiakalani programme in New Zealand.
scholarships and education programs

To date, Humanitix has donated over $500,000 to these education projects, and it’s just getting started! Thousands of event organisers have come onboard since its launch 4 years ago, including the UN Women and Australian Parliament, Cancer Council NSW, the Football Federation of Australia, Westfield (all shopping centres nationally), and small events such as business seminars, boutique music festivals, yoga and cooking workshops.


One of the amazing events organised through Humanitix

Surviving the COVID-19 hit to the event industry

Events have been one of the most hard-hit industries from the COVID-19 pandemic. No events mean no tickets, no booking fees, and no funding for education programs.

Humanitix has tackled this head-on in three areas:

  1. First was managing the heartache of so many cancelled events. While other ticketing companies slashed their staff numbers, the entire Humanitix team worked overtime helping event organisers postpone or cancel their events, and communicate this to their attendees. Humanitix has also fully refunded booking fees to ensure event organisers aren’t bearing the cost of things going awry.
  2. The second phase saw events move online. Guests were still excited at all the incredible talent, speakers and entertainers that had been booked. Event organisers just needed a way to connect to guests throughout the lockdowns. Within a couple of months Humanitix rolled out a Virtual Event Hub specifically built for delivering seamless online experiences.
  3. Finally, Humanitix recognised that lockdowns won’t last forever, as we naturally crave social contact and connection. Humanitix took this opportunity to reflect on ways to improve its product and support for event organisers. When events come back, they’ll be more incredible than ever and make great impact via Humanitix.

How can you use Humanitix in your business?

Do you host events that require ticketing? Why not consider partnering with Humanitix for your next event!

Check out their Features & Pricing and get in touch with one of their friendly team members.

You can also check out their online and live events near you.

When you use the services provided by Humanitix, you are able to contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal #4 Quality education, Goal #8 Decent work and economic growth, and Goal#10 Reduced inequalities.


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