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Play a role in solving societal issues, your employees want you to

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Your customers and employees are increasingly interested in engaging with businesses that play a role in solving societal issues.

Social enterprises are not charities. They are for-profit businesses that provide goods and services like any other business, but offer impact beyond financial success.

They reinvest profits to support a social or environmental cause and play a crucial role in uplifting marginalised communities. And governments and companies are answering the call for capacity.

The concept of capacity building simply means one organisation helping another to operate better, expanding their capability.

"One way technology can help is through corporate procurement. Suppliers offer social value. Buyers use purchasing to create healthy communities. There is a US$3 billion B2B revenue opportunity ripe for social enterprises to tap into."

Our goal is to help social suppliers develop the capacity to scale and tap into this incredible opportunity to work with businesses to have impact through every day purchasing decisions. If you are a business that would like to help build the capacity of social enterprises, contact us at

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