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Impact measurement has evolved:

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The evolution of sustainable and social spending

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you'd know that every week we create a space to highlight those suppliers at the forefront of sustainable and social change!

We thought this week was a good time to take our turn and introduce ourselves.

We are givvable, a women-led technology platform that helps companies find, source and track the impact of their sustainable and social spending. We believe that by tracking, we encourage more of it!


Regardless of whether we realise it or not, every transaction has an impact: economic, social
and/or environmental.

In September 2015 United Nations Member States adopted 17 Sustainable Development
Goals (the UN SDGs). These goals are a call-to-action by all countries to promote economic
prosperity while protecting those most vulnerable in our communities, as well as the
environment. Having set a deadline of 2030, we now have less than 10 years to achieve these
ambitious targets.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 UN SDGs were approved by 193 nations around the world. After 5 years of
relatively minor progress, governments now recognize the imperative to get everyone
involved in order to achieve the targets.

While this will require a mega shift in behaviour from all corners of society, there is a general
consensus that those with the most power and financial capability are best positioned to
make the most impact. And the corporate community plays a key role.


We are already seeing companies respond to this call-to-action by setting sustainability and
social inclusion targets, and publicly reporting on the environmental and social impact of their

For example, global tech company Google has committed to using recycled materials in
100% of its Made by Google products
launching in 2022 onwards, with a mission to
maximise the amount of recycled content where possible.


From 2019, Australian retail bank, ANZ, committed to increase spending with Indigenous and
Torres Strait Islander suppliers by 50% per annum.

And ice-cream maker, Ben and Jerry’s, achieved Fairtrade certification for all of its ingredient products in 2014, and has adopted a new climate goal across its entire value chain to play its part in keeping global warming below 2ºC.

“[procurement] is where corporates have an opportunity to make a massive impact on issues of environment, inclusiveness and sustainability”

Google, ANZ and Ben & Jerry's are some examples of corporations implementing sustainable practices

Given that after HR and staff costs, procurement is the leading category of expenditure for
businesses globally, it is clear that this is where corporates have an opportunity to make a
significant impact in areas concerning the environment, social inclusiveness and sustainability.


This is where givvable fits in.
givvable provides a holistic solution connecting sustainable and social enterprises with
corporate customers looking to source and track the impact of their spending. We believe in give-and-give, not give-and-take.

givvable for corporates
Corporate clients can search a range of suppliers—from F&B to IT hardware to facilities
management—understand their environmental, social and sustainable impact, and engage
directly with them. givvable builds a bespoke dashboard of your environmental, social and sustainable purchasing behaviour and maps your spending to commonly used sustainability reporting frameworks.

givvable for suppliers

givvable profiles the most valuable asset of sustainable, circular and social suppliers - their impact - getting them in front of corporate buyers looking to make an impact. We work with suppliers that include social enterprises, women-led, disability enterprises, veteran-owned, minority-led, environmentally certified, circular economy, net-positive or zero climate impact and more. It is free for eligible suppliers to join.


You probably don’t know, but that’s ok. For the first time, companies are able to better understand
and track the environmental and social impact of their supply chains. They can use givvable’s tools to take action and communicate this to their internal and external stakeholders.

Understand and measure your social impact with our platform


givvable is proudly supported by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Mirvac Group and INCO through the Impact Accelerator.

Our supplier and corporate networks are growing and include over 3,000+ sustainable, social and circular suppliers, and 300+ procurement, sustainability and CSR professionals. Join this community and start making every day business decisions with impact:

You can also contact us by email at, or through our social accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Yes–we’re still social, despite the distance!



Google Sustainability Plan 


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