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givvable pitches at UNSW 10x Demo Night

· start-up,procurement,social enterprise,sustainability,entrepreneurship

Last week givvable pitched in front of a full house at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as part of the culmination of an intense 10x accelerator program with UNSW Founders:

We spoke to over 100+ businesses, sustainable & social suppliers and industry professionals and were pleased to learn that businesses recognise their ability to have meaningful environmental and social impact through their purchasing activity, but there needs to be an easier way to do this and to track their impact. We are excited to be part of the solution!

It was a pleasure to work alongside a highly talented and innovative group of UNSW entrepreneurs solving some big problems, check out cohort#4: Aerofiler AttoQuest Babblestack BeacoHealth CardioBionic Evidentli Guozhen Liu Numuworld yellowbox

And ... applications for cohort#5 are open, go on - apply!

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