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Accelerate progress towards a circular economy or risk facing a consumer backlash

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Companies need to accelerate progress towards a circular economy or face consumer backlash.

In a recent survey by ING THINK, 64% of respondents said that companies would face a negative consumer response if they don't act to limit their environmental impact.

While a number of factors make the business transition challenging, the consumer voice is stronger than ever and companies that don't push through and change their practices may be left behind.

Organisations that have accepted the culture of circularity, now need to innovate and invest in it; "[c]reativity is required not just around eco-design, reuse, repair, and recycling, but also business processes, supply chains and market places to recycle and buy second-hand products, parts and materials."

Our objective is to make it easier for businesses to embed sustainability and circularity in their business. Get in touch to learn how givvable can help your organisation make every day decisions with impact:!

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