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A Waste Strategy

We like the sound of that!

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A Waste Strategy. We like the sound of that!

The Queensland government is calling it an ‘EOW’ – End of Waste framework. And it allows those that generate certain waste to supply it as resource. Not only do you get paid for it, but you avoid stringent requirements on disposal.

If you work in the heavy industrials or construction and engineering sectors, read on …

End of life tyres can be used as a material input for acoustic, sediment or safety barriers, pre-fabricated rubber products, storage platforms for pools, bumpers for mooring marine vessels, bituminous binders and other civil engineering or manufacturing applications.

Hardened concrete or concrete washed out from trucks, pumps and mixers can be used in the manufacturer of products used in building, construction, landscaping or civil engineering applications.

More waste codes are being proposed for other used materials – that’s right, your WASTE is a VALUABLE RESOURCE!

If you generate this waste, you are a supplier. If you can use this waste as an input, you are a customer. This sounds CIRCULAR.

Whether you generate or use waste as an input, build your network of sustainable and circular suppliers on Contact us to learn more at

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