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Sincerely, Planet Earth and Humanity

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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


Yesterday was UN World Health Day. A day that brings attention to particular priorities in global health.

It is without a doubt that right now is one of the best times to raise awareness of the champions that focus their efforts on creating scalable solutions so that everyone, everywhere can live their best life!

From creating the opportunity to access safe water sources, to promoting proper hygiene and food security programs - it seems like THANKYOU is in all the right places!


Many people walk past the baby, hygiene or body care sections in the supermarket without noticing a message of hope between countless products: 'thank you'.

Founded in 2008 by 3 Australians, THANKYOU is a social enterprise that has decided to support those in need of clean, safe and potable water sources.

Every year almost 2 million people die due to inadequate access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation - and 13% of those deaths are children under 5.

The idea started simple but strong.


Sell a bottle of water to help end the world water crisis.
100% of the profits from each bottle sold will help those in need.

12 years later, the idea has evolved into dozens of products that range from water to personal hygiene to baby care.

The movement has raised millions of dollars that have been allocated towards getting safe water, functioning toilets and maternal health programs to thousands of people in need across the globe.

The truth is, it was not an easy thing for the company to become what they are today. To scale and fuel their mission to end the global water crisis, they knew they had to go big in their distribution channel - and that meant getting access to the biggest supermarket chains: Coles and Woolworths.


After being rejected for 5 consecutive years, they launched the “Coles and Woolworths Campaign” where they used intense social media, TV and terrestrial tactics — including flying helicopters over the headquarters of both companies with messages of “thanking them both for changing the world if they said yes”. This campaign went viral on Australia TV with the help of Channel 7.

And guess what, both companies said YES!

thankyou brings the possibility to access clean water sources

After this great victory and strong support from high profile advocates, they were ready to conquer a new market: New Zealand. They took a novel approach to scaling their growth here, by publishing a book that told their story and highlighted the dire situation of the current water crisis: Chapter One.


THANKYOU has partnered with many global organisations such as Splash, that are experienced in the local communities and can efficiently and effectively implement clean water programs. Splash works with community institutions such as schools & health facilities in regions of need and their focus is set on creating a sustained impact by combining the strengths of those involved: government + business + social actors.


THANKYOU can help small, medium, and large corporations on their journey to achieve sustainable and social responsibility goals. When buying THANKYOU products, you are able to support the achievements of many UN SDGs such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation and Industry Innovation and Infrastructure.

If you are a sustainable and social supplier ready to expand your business opportunities by connecting through digital channels to the corporate sector and improve their experience, we can help you.


At givvable, we offer corporates and large organisations the technology to quantify the positive impact they have when purchasing from sustainable and social enterprises like yours.
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