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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


PAZ stands for Peace in Spanish, and the path to achieve it goes from Lima to New York.

More specifically, New York City, where centuries of craftsmanship and new generations have congregated to go beyond art, fashion, and gastronomy.

Blending culture and craftsmanship with peace is Paz, a US based company that decided to take a step further into the sustainable sector.


Based in the heart of New York City, PAZ LIFESTYLE is a sustainable enterprise founded by Isabella Montoya, a Peruvian icon of the fashion industry in the US.
Isabella builds a connection between South American and North American cultures, while bringing sustainable alternatives to our lifestyle choices.

PAZ LIFESTYLE is pioneering the concept of a buying lifestyle with purpose.

They work specifically to avoid modern slavery practices when doing business and have strict rules around sustainable sourcing for the different elements used in its production processes.

Their practices aim to support both the sustainable and social sectors, and they maintain a list of strict rules set to improve the way they interact with the industry: 

- Avoid Child Labour: Ensuring that this is not part of their supply chain.
- Anti Modern-Slavery: Ensuring fair wages for the artisans and also making sure they work in healthy environments and safe conditions.
- Fair Trade Development: Educating producers and consumers on ethical and sustainable practices.

Paz Lifestyle & Ayni - Sustainable Fashion


Isabella Montoya is an advocate for sustainable fashion, a member of the Fair Trade Coalition—an organisation that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers in New York City and educates consumers on the importance of fair trade—and also a sustainable fashion content creator for an environmental newsletter: Skeptipol.

PAZ’s mission is to take consumers on a path towards mental equilibrium through sustainable goods that meet a balance for the needs of the society as well as the environment. 


If your company is based in the US you can use PAZ's sustainable garments as part of your corporate gifts.
PAZ is also actively looking to collaborate with Indigenous-led design and apparel businesses, and other local brands that preserve and promote cultural heritage.

Get in touch with us to connect with them.

With Paz Lifestyle, you are able to contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal #1: No Poverty, Goal #2: Zero Hunger, Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal #13: Climate Action.

If you are a sustainable and social supplier ready to expand your business opportunities by connecting to the corporate sector, we can help improve this experience for you.


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