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Altina Drinks

Ever been at work drinks, but not ‘drinking’?
You’re not alone! According to recent surveys, 46% of Aussies don’t drink alcohol or only drink one
day or less per month.
But despite nearly half the adult population passing up a Friday night beer, the alternatives are pretty grim, boring and mostly sugar-laden. This is where Altina Drinks comes in.


Back in February 2018, after being hungover both mentally and physically from a long season of
corporate Christmas parties, Altina founders Alan Tse and Christina Delay resolved that there had to be a better way to socialise at work functions.

After talking to friends, colleagues and strangers, they found that the number one reason people
moderate their drinking is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However swapping a hangover for a sugar coma induced by fizzy drinks or sugary mocktails doesn’t help this.

And to make matters worse, that special feeling you get from perusing a beautifully curated wine list or dissecting the ingredients of a specially crafted cocktail is completely lost if you choose a beverage from the non-alcoholic drinks list. That is, if there even is one.

No-one wants to be that person making a scene about the lack of healthy, non-alcoholic drinks at a work function. Especially when everyone else is enjoying a beer, wine or fancy cocktail and having a good time. But the reality is that there exists a real tension between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the social pressures to bond with colleagues and clients over drinks.
That’s why Alan and Christina founded Altina Drinks, with a mission to make alcohol-free drinking fun, interesting and delicious.

They’ve reinvented methods used by the alcohol industry to produce flavour-driven cocktails with no added sugar or artificial nasties. They’re also normalising alcohol-free drinking with their Zero Proof pop-up bar and masterclasses.


Traditionally, beer, wine and champagne are served in workplaces to help with team bonding,
networking, or to celebrate achievements and milestones. Altina’s non-alcoholic cocktails are a
welcome alternative that reduces the pressures around having to drink when socialising at work.
As a social enterprise, Altina has social change in their DNA. They’re also making an impact by

partnering with organisations working in the alcohol harm reduction space. One such organisation is
Sober in the Country, founded by Shanna Whan, that focuses on normalising alcohol-free drinking in
regional areas of Australia.

Businesses that provide exciting and delicious alcohol-free beverages to their employees and clients
are helping to balance-out Australia’s drinking culture. Based on proprietary research, Altina found
that 79% of respondents would choose an alcohol-free option if they’d had a great previous
experience. And Altina has responded. Their drinks are all about the experience, focusing on
craftmanship and quality, and showcasing Australian native ingredients.


If you are in charge of purchasing F&B supplies for your workplace pantry and want to consider
adding a healthier, tastier option, Altina has a wide range of innovative products.
Think about those Friday afternoon work drinks, or the bottle of wine for a client gift: when almost half
the population doesn’t drink alcohol regularly, this is an opportunity show how you can be more

When you buy from Altina Drinks, you are able to contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal #3 Good Health and Wellbeing, Goal #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

If you are a sustainable and social supplier ready to expand your business opportunities by connecting to the corporate sector, we can help improve this experience for you.


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