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4S: Social & Sustainable Suppliers' Stories

Bee One Third

We know bees work hard, but for us the reward isn’t just that sweet honey pot. Without bees we would lose access to a significant amount of fresh produce, and our food supply would be severely disrupted

Bees are very important in providing us with sweet and delicious honey, but it is often overlooked, or unknown, how important they are for wider agricultural diversity.
Bees are particularly important to our livelihoods as they help to pollinate most of the crops that we eat, and many that feed livestock.

It is estimated that at least one third of global agricultural production relies on bee pollination. Unfortunately, bees—and by implication, the agricultural ecosystem—are under threat from the use of agricultural chemicals, habitat destruction, diseases and pests, as well as a marked decline in commercial beekeeping.

Bee one third is committed to protecting bees by pollinating the change. This sustainable neighbourhood honey business maintains 150 beehives across the East Coast of Australia, and through the sale of it’s honey harvests, educates communities on the importance of bees in the food system.

Sweet and sustainable honey available right next door!

This sustainable enterprise produces most of its honey in urban bee hives in backyards, community gardens and on commercial rooftops in Queensland and New South Wales. That means access to fresh honey right next door!

Protecting what matters: Neighbourhood honey at its purest

Bee one third puts bees first by promoting and ensuring their protection before, during and after the extraction process.
They’ve implemented ethical and traditional beekeeping techniques to ensure that their bees thrive in healthy and happy environments throughout the year, especially during tough and dry summers.

They carefully plan and select the neighbourhoods and buildings that are most appropriate for their beehives, taking into account a combination of factors like the amount of flowers nearby, sun, shade, temperature and so on.

Their mission is clear: to pollinate the change one hive at a time

What’s your social mission?

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