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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


We love a business that operates to make positive social impact. But what about a business that does that, and helps others do it too?

Just Gold is Australia’s first for-profit, full-service, Social Traders certified, consulting & creative agency. This social enterprise covers it all, including strategy, communications and social impact consulting, marketing, advertising, audio & video production and design, leadership training and innovative workshops.

Their clients are in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, with organisations ranging in size from micro to multinational. They provide commercial solutions to these clients while also working to maximise their social impact.

Social purpose is embedded into everything at this agency. As a social enterprise, they employ staff that have faced employment barriers related to parenthood, gender, sexuality, or disability, and they also provide services and grants to other social enterprises, not-for-profits and individuals via their Impact Program, #FindYourHashtag. 


When Sophia and Kyriakos first met, they were at a stage in their professional and personal lives where they had to reconsider and start over. Meeting in one of the largest Greek diaspora communities, in Melbourne, their migrant background was not the only thing they had in common.

Sophia and Kyriakos had remarkable careers. Both were connected by culture, and both were involved with minority groups in their community - migrant, LGBTIQ+, neurodivergent, just to name a few. They recognised that the industry in which they worked needed to adapt to social change, and to do this, the way of doing business needed to be completely overhauled.

Determined to turn the industry on its head, Sophia and Kyriakos decided to create the change they wanted to see. Passionate advocates for multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, they have surrounded themselves with a diverse team of partners, employees, contractors and collaborators. They come from all walks of life and have fought against all kinds of adversity.

Almost two years later, they have worked with global brands, government, major events, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations.

Sophia and Kyriakos, co-founders of Just Gold


Just Gold believes that everyone should have the opportunity to fully participate in society. The agency employs highly skilled professionals that want to enter the workforce but traditionally face barriers to employment.

Just Gold’s commercial projects fund its Innovative Impact Program #FindYourHashtag.
The Program was developed in response to social enterprises and not-for-profits reporting that marketing is one of their biggest business challenges, and a barrier to growth.

#FindYourHashtag offers bespoke pro-bono workshops, consultation services and audio & video production to social enterprises and not-for-profits. During its first year, the Program delivered services valued at $92,100 around Australia, and an estimated $86,000 of benefits through partnerships.

In addition, the Program also funded the following projects:

🔵 The Disruptive Rainbow series: a webcast featuring prominent LGBTIQ + Australians that focuses on issues of social justice, sexuality and cultural identity in Australia.

🔵 The Invisible Woman Project: an online conversation starter and research tool produced by Just Gold to create awareness of a syndrome affecting women over 50 in many parts of the world.


If you have marketing, educational or social impact needs, get in touch with Sophia and Kyriakos
through their website. They can provide flexible solutions tailored to your business.

I work for a company that is environmentally friendly, reduces plastic consumption, practices diversity and inclusion or has waste-management processes.

If this sounds like you, then you should be on givvable. It’s a free and efficient way to access buyers in the business and government sectors that want to purchase sustainably.

We welcome suppliers that:

  • Are environmentally sustainable;
  • Embed circular economy practices;
  • Operate a social or ethical enterprise;
  • Practice diversity and inclusion; or
  • Are a registered non-profit or charity.

Contact Naomi or Frances at or register directly on givvable for free:

A new ecosystem for sustainable and social suppliers

givvable is an innovative start-up that helps businesses find, source, and track the impact from suppliers across the full range of sustainability categories.

Founded by two sisters, Frances Atkins, and Naomi Vowels, givvable creates a sustainability ecosystem that helps everyday business decisions make impact.

givvable is supported by the Singapore Management University, the University of NSW, the Impact Accelerator and Optus Future Makers.


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