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4S: Sustainable & Social Suppliers' Stories


In the journey to making our communities more sustainable and socially responsible there are two sides to the equation: those that provide goods and services that consider social and environmental impacts, and those that purchase them. While simple, this is the start of the foray into sustainability for most people.

However, with the business of daily life, it can often be hard for consumers to find the right products that make the positive impact they want, in one place.

Lucky for us, four guys in the US decided to create an easy way for you to receive a monthly gift of products you need, while also considering our planet and communities.

Meet Crate of Good.


Initially called Thop Box (short for Philanthropy Box), but deciding that sounded too much like something you’d catch at a weekend rave, the founders of this company eventually landed on the name Crate of Good.

Crate of good - Team

Not only easier to hear, the name Crate of Good speaks directly to the company’s mission: to deliver a box full of truly GOOD products from organisations working to make the world a better place.

Crate of Good was founded by four friends that looked at the subscription box market in the US and identified an opportunity no one was looking at: subscription boxes that make real impact.

Some existing solutions were already donating profits to charity or using sustainably sourced or socially conscious products, but Crate of good wanted to add more value: transparency and choice.

Crate of Good curates a monthly box of products that all have an impactful cause and charity partner associated with them. The items in each box include a mix of food and drink, accessories, apparel, household items, and Crate of Good exclusive merchandise.

crate of good stuff

For every subscription box delivered, the receiving customer is told of the exact impact that is made from that purchase, and Crate of Good also invites them to choose a charity to which a portion of their sales proceeds goes.


The team at Crate of Good is self-confessed ‘passionately obsessed’ with making an impact, and this is what they aim to convey in each box that they deliver. They are determined to make the world a better place by partnering with socially impactful businesses around the world.

Each product that is included in their boxes, and the company that supplies that product, is carefully vetted for its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Every company with which Crate of Good collaborates holds at least one sustainable or social impact certification, such as B Corp, Fair Trade or Guidestar.

And if that wasn’t enough, the sale of each box contributes to a charity partner making an impact somewhere in the world. The charities that Crate of Good partners with have impact in one of four focus areas: education, poverty reduction, animal welfare and protection, and the environment.


Science shows that people who give lead happier and healthier lives. By delivering Crate of Good boxes to your employees - either in the office or working from home - you’re contributing to a strong and lively work environment.

Sharing a common purpose or creating impact together is a wonderful employee engagement tool, particularly in current times, where many employees are spending less time in the office and experiencing less opportunities for spontaneous connections.

Crate of Good can further support your company by customising boxes to support local impacts and initiatives in or near the geographic location of your company.

When you buy from Crate of Good, you are able to contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal #11 Sustainable cities and communities, Goal #13 Climate Action and Goal #15 Life on land.

If you are a sustainable and social supplier ready to expand your business opportunities by connecting to the corporate sector, we can help improve this experience for you.


givvable is the go-to tech platform for companies looking to source sustainably, socially and with impact. We believe that by tracking corporate and sustainable spending, we encourage more of it.

We know it can be incredibly difficult to access these types of customers. Believe it or not, they find it just as hard to find suppliers like you. We bridge this gap by profiling your impact to companies looking to make an impact.

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