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Let's start talking about solutions

· climate change,waste,circular economy,recycle,reuse

"People are tired of fear-based conversations about the climate crisis, and respond well to solutions".

A circular economy is one of those solutions that are being tested and scaled across a broad range of industries. It is encouraging to see more and more companies are playing a role in building the capacity of circular businesses, helping them to scale and play a long-term role in addressing climate change.

Companies are doubling down on the effort, seeking to reduce their waste, finding ways to capture and reuse packaging, and increasingly basing purchasing decision on the materials that are used in products.

"Discussing solutions empowers people to change their behaviours and feel like they can do something to address the problem."

In this article, @GreenBiz discusses some of the practices employed by some of the world's largest businesses to reduce their footprint on this planet.

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