• Scan your suppliers, capture their credentials.
    Meet your sustainability targets, faster.

    Supplier sustainability credentials are highly fragmented spanning hyper-local, regional & global sources. Automate tracking with our innovative solution for large pools of suppliers.

    Scan 100s, 1,000s or 10,000s of suppliers at once, and know the sustainability profile of your suppliers in minutes.

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  • Validate supplier sustainability, diversity, ethical sourcing, social impact & more - all at once!

    Watch our video to find out how to givvable can help your business automate tracking of supplier sustainability credentials & attributes. Get interactive dashboard reporting and push notifications of changes.

  • Have you pledged to work with sustainable suppliers?

    A More Sustainable Supply Chain Harvard givvable

    A recent report by Harvard Business Review on A More Sustainable Supply Chain identified the following actions businesses should adopt to promote the environmental and social responsibility of suppliers:

    • Requiring suppliers to set their own long-term sustainability goals

    • Including all suppliers, from first-to-lower tier and large-to-small, in your overall sustainability strategy

    • Monitoring the environmental and social targets of suppliers

    Find out the sustainability credentials, attributes and initiatives of your suppliers today.

  • Have less than 100 suppliers?

    Get a supplier sustainability report in under 24 hours
    Starting from US$19 per search

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