• Track supplier sustainability

    ESG is complex. Supplier ESG is even harder.

    Now there is an easier, cost effective way to track sustainability & ESG actions of suppliers. givvable automates data capture, verification and mapping to sustainability & ESG targets, frameworks and reporting standards.

    Fast, Smart & Simple.

  • How it works

    Be better informed in under a week


    Submit Supplier List

    Obtain your supplier list from your ERP/procurement system & submit it securely here. All supplier data is anonymised.


    Get Supplier Match Report

    Receive your report on supplier matches to sustainability & ESG actions. Get notified when their credentials change. 


    Invite 'No Match' Suppliers

    Invite 'no match' suppliers to self-register actions or start their sustainability journey on givvable. Registration is free.

  • It's no secret the ESG data task is huge

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) on your direct operations is complex. Multiply that by your suppliers - where the opportunity to achieve even greater performance on sustainability lies - and it can seem an impossible task.

  • Find Out What Sustainability Actions Your Suppliers Are Taking

    Find out what actions your suppliers are taking

    Unrivalled coverage across all categories of sustainability in a single dashboard view

    View Supplier Alignment With UN Sustainable Development Goals

    View supplier alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Report your progress with ease with automated mapping of supplier actions to UN SDGs

    Identify Suppliers Advancing Your Sustainability Targets

    Identify suppliers advancing your sustainability targets

    Understand how supplier credentials & attributes help your business meet its sustainability targets, faster!

    AI-Powered Supplier Intelligence

    Where solving the data problem

    No lengthy integrations. No internal up-skilling. No spend data. Just Secure, Smart & Simple tools delivering high value data.

  • Request free sample

    Are your suppliers taking action on sustainability? Find out with a free sample.

  • All categories. One platform.

    Make better buying decisions

    Spend in line with your sustainability targets, every time

    Watch this video to learn how givvable can help you automate tracking of supplier sustainability & ESG credentials.

    ✔️ Make faster, more sustainable sourcing decisions
    ✔️ Maintain accurate, up-to-date supplier data
    ✔️ Reduce supplier risk
    ✔️ Improve supplier performance

    ✔️ Lower the information burden on suppliers
    ✔️ Reduce internal costs and save your team hours
    ✔️ Easy-to-use and value for money

  • Streamline supplier sustainability data

    Don't burden internal processes or suppliers

    No internal up-skilling

    Delivered using your existing software

    No spend data required

    Low risk, high value outcomes

    No lengthy integrations

    Quick set up & fast turnaround

  • Have you pledged to work with sustainable suppliers?

    A More Sustainable Supply Chain Harvard givvable

    A recent report by Harvard Business Review on A More Sustainable Supply Chain identified the following actions businesses should take to promote the environmental and social responsibility of suppliers:

    • Require suppliers to set long-term sustainability goals

    • Include all suppliers, from first to lower tier and large to small, in your overall sustainability strategy

    • Monitor the environmental and social actions of suppliers

    Find out the sustainability credentials, attributes and initiatives of your suppliers today.

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