• Are your vendors taking Climate Action?

    There are now hundreds of sustainability credentials across all categories of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) making it difficult for companies to track the actions and commitments of vendors.

    In this article, we discuss 9 Climate Action credentials that indicate positive action by vendors which enhance your own company's ability to reduce its environmental impact through its entire value chain.

    9 Climate Action credentials you should know about. Download free article!
  • Request a free diagnostic on your vendors

    Find out which vendors have sustainability & ESG credentials and attributes. Request a free diagnostic report to find out the sustainability profile of your vendors, if they are taking action advancing your targets, and to uncover areas of improvement.

  • Find Out What Sustainability Actions Your Suppliers Are Taking

    Find out what actions your vendors are taking

    Unrivalled coverage across all categories of sustainability in a single dashboard view

    View Supplier Alignment With UN Sustainable Development Goals

    View vendor alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Report your progress with ease with automated mapping of vendor actions to UN SDGs

    Identify Suppliers Advancing Your Sustainability Targets

    Identify vendors advancing your sustainability targets

    Understand how vendor credentials & attributes help your business meet its sustainability targets, faster!

    AI-Powered Supplier Intelligence

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    No lengthy integrations. No internal up-skilling. No spend data. Just Secure, Smart & Simple tools delivering high value data.

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